Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pleygo offers LEGO Rentals

Does your child love the challenge of a a new LEGO set, yet you are already over run with LEGOs from the sets that they have completed?
As the mom and wife of LEGO lovers, sometimes it feels like the LEGOs are taking over our house:

LEGO Overload
Does your house look like this?

Ok, that isn't our house, it was taken at the LEGO KidsFest in October. These are the real pictures of how LEGOS have taken over my house today:

LEGO Sets cover Dining Room Table
Our Dining Room Table is Building Central

LEGO Display at Home
LEGO Display

LEGO Table & Bins
LEGO Table & Bins

My daughter likes building sets, but they then get placed aside in favor of the next new set. Lately we have been buying sets that will go on display when we are done with them...Harry Potter in our reading room, Star Wars in the basement television area, and special sets in our family room. However, many of our other sets are simply piled on my daughter's LEGO table (or left on the Dining Room table for weeks until they finally migrate to the table.
Today my husband found an article about Pleygo, a new company that offers LEGO rentals in a Netflix format. He told me about them and said I should write about them on my blog. After a quick search of the web, I found the company.

Pelygo Logo

Pleygo offers LEGO rentals using a Netflix format. You pay a monthly subscription fee and can borrow one set a time.  When you are done with your set, you mail it back and they send you the next available set on your wishlist.

Building the LEGO Friends Camper (Available on Pleygo)

There are three price plans based on the sizes of the sets you wish to rent. The $15/month Fan plan allows you to select from small and medium LEGO sets. The Super Fan plan is $25/month and you can select from small, medium, and large sets (or pay $21/month when you pay for the year upfront). The Mega Fan Plan is the ultimate plan allowing you to select from the any LEGO set including the huge sets that typically run several hundred dollars. Shipping is included in your monthly subscription.

I have browsed their catalog for availability. Overall I found 45 sets at the fan level, 6 additional sets at the super fan level, and 11 additional sets at the Mega Fan level. Based on set numbers, I would recommend either the Fan or Mega Fan Plan. With only 6 sets to choose from, I am not sure the Super Fan plan is worth the price. They have a fairly decent selection of Star Wars sets, particularly if you do the Mega Fan Plan. They also have several Duplo sets for younger children. However, I did not find any Harry Potter or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets. I only found 1 Ninjago, 2 Chima, 1 Marvel set, and 1 Batman set. I hope to see their selection grow as they grow in popularity.

I think this is a great concept and wish Pleygo well. What do you think? Are you ready to give Pleygo a try? With summer break coming in the next few weeks, this is the perfect time to try Pleygo.

Update: Note: Please see the comment below about a bad experience with Pleygo and proceed with caution.

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